Cheap Shipping Option by Air.

Do you want to freight almost anything by Air? Whether small cartons or large boxes, pallets and cases, or vehicles, general shipments, customized, over-sized cargo?

air freight

Air Freight Consolidation - A Cheap Shipping option on Small Items and packages. Air Console gives you low prices & covers freight and Clearing in Nigeria.

Our Air freight Consolidation service affords you the opportunity to send goods at low prices from our consolidation facilities in China, USA and UK.


Air Freight Consolidation

Air consol is recommended for importers who prefer low price and who is willing to wait for between 7 to 10 days for cargo to arrive in Nigeria. There is no restriction to weight / or sizes of cargo that we can consolidate to Nigeria.

We can consolidate the following packages to Nigeria from our overseas consolidation facilities;

  • Spare parts
  • Tools
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Phones
  • Camera
  • Machine
  • Devices and widgets

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Our Solutions

Air Freight Consol

Cost-effective method of air transport for non-time-sensitive cargo, with a lesser range of flight dates available.

Premium Services

Faster air services including chartered flights offer more immediate delivery of your goods.

Door to Door Services

We offer you a dependable and fast delivery of smaller shipments door to door.